When researching energy efficient geothermal systems Centreville resident are usually pleasantly surprised at all the benefits. Most people turn to alternative forms of heating and cooling for the money saving benefits. Some desire a more Earth-friendly approach to keeping comfortable. Regardless of the reason, geothermal systems fit the bill every time. Not only do they save home owners money, but they reduce a family’s carbon footprint.

How Do Geothermal Systems Work?

Geothermal systems work by harnessing the heating and cooling power of the Earth far below Centreville’s streets. Pipes are laid in various patterns under a home and coolant (water or other liquids) flow through the pipes regulating the temperature based on the season. In winter the liquid is cooled in the pipes and then warmed up once inside the house. Like a traditional heating system air is warmed as it is entering the ventilation system. After warming the air in a gas form the coolant travels back into the piping system and as it cools becomes liquid once more. In summer the opposite occurs to cool the air as it enters the ventilation system.

What Are The Savings?

The biggest savings a family will see will be in the electricity bill. Since geothermal systems are extremely efficient it takes only a small amount of electricity to control household temperatures year round. That alone should make Centreville families want to install geothermal systems, but there are even more financial benefits! There are several tax incentives including federal and state. Geothermal systems meet Energy Star standards and up to thirty percent of the installation cost can be used as a credit when filing taxes. Other local incentives may apply.

Why Geothermal?

It may be easier for families to go with a traditional heating and cooling system and probably cheaper initially. By choosing a geothermal unit, however, families are not only laying the groundwork for energy savings for years – even decades – to come, but also reducing their carbon footprint and doing their part to help the Earth. Geothermal systems require less electricity which is the number one cause of pollution in the United States. Also, the systems do not use toxic chemicals to heat and cool a home further reducing a family’s negative impact on the environment.

All in all, geothermal systems are an upgrade from traditional heating and cooling systems used in Centreville. Many people are intimidated by the inner-workings of the systems but should not be. A qualified geothermal technician can explain in detail how the systems work and the length of time required to install them. Talking to a qualified geothermal system technician is the first step in learning more about how a family home can benefit from this brilliant new technology. Because of the opportunity to utilize geothermal systems in Centreville residents can be on the forefront of the green revolution.

Families seeking ways to lower their energy bills and help the environment can now choose to install geothermal systems Centreville. Those interested should contact Refrigeration Systems Inc.