As with any business, productivity is the number one priority of warehousing. Finding ways to help your team work smarter not harder will allow you to process more orders and may even allow you to work leaner with less team members.

Work Consistently

Having your warehouse laid out in an organized fashion allows you to create a consistent work path for your team. Not every warehouse Fort Myers, FL has to offer is exactly the same. However, the steps to picking and packing are close. Look at the items that have to be picked, the equipment and staff needed to pick each order, how they are packed and where they have to end up. Use this to create a footprint common to each order with like work stations in the same locations leading out the door to the trucks. This will allow your team to always know where to start and where everything is to complete each order from picking to loading.

Use Manifests

Manifests keep you organized and make sure nothing gets lost in the rush of the day. Manifests can be used for picking, loading and shipping. When picking large orders can be picked separately and small orders can be picked in groups. For loading you want to make sure your team is not blindly loading the truck and that there is always room for moving stuff around in case a rush order comes in that will have to be unloaded first. Your loading team needs to know what goes on the truck gets delivered last and work to that order. Your drivers need to know what route they are taking to unload without having to move orders out of the way. They also need a map, special instructions such as rush jobs or if some deliveries are closed for lunch at a certain time. This will save time from drivers getting lost, loading and reloading because the manifest was incorrect and also waiting around for a warehouse to open after lunch. Any shipping manifest you scan should be exactly what the driver sees.

These are simple rules that may take time to incorporate but once in place will save the average warehouse Fort Myers FL runs time and money.

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