Some of the best memories with friends, family and colleagues are made on day trips. Away from the domestic venue, you can enjoy the fun of travelling on the road with your near and dear ones or with colleagues from work with whom you enjoy spending time. Chartering a luxury coach and visiting a national monument or Niagara Falls or going for a football match with your friends is the best way to spend a fine day.

Motor coach offers an inexpensive way to plan day trips. There are many reasons why you should choose to travel by bus. Motor coaches are comfortable and easy to access. They are a much cheaper way to travel than any other means of transport. They are fuel efficient and consume less fuel per passenger than any other transportation means like trains, planes and autos. As a result of fuel efficiency, the use of motor coaches is a more environmentally friendly way to travel. Your motor coach will take you to a venue of choice without you having to hire any other means of transit as they are more mobile than other means of transport. Not only does it help in saving money, traveling by coach gives you the chance to bond with co-passengers and enjoy the ride.

Most bus companies will permit the consumption of alcohol on board the bus as long as you pay a refundable deposit of around $150-$250 to pay for any damages that might occur. Only a small minority of charter bus companies will allow smoking onboard. Use of drugs and other illegal substances is prohibited.

When you book your bus, you can plan for the distribution of food and beverages if required. The guided tour will offer you ample opportunity to get down for meals, stop for rest or visits to the restroom etc. Your guided tour will also offer an escort or tour guide to help you appreciate the sights of the visit and give you a brief history or interesting trivia about the place you are visiting.

Day trips to famous national monuments are a treat for the whole family. You can make a great vacation by planning a day out with close family and friends. Choose a large enough bus to accommodate your party comfortably. For the convenience of the passengers, whenever you organize such outings, offer all the members of the party an itinerary of the day trips. Pittsburgh residents can avail affordable travel for large parties with motor coaches from local rental companies.

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