Everybody would like to finance their homes at the best mortgage rates available in the market. This is possible by comparing the various options available and choosing the one that suits you the most. Several mortgage brokers provide advisory services, besides helping you get the best possible mortgage for your home. Several factors affect the interest rates on mortgages, including the financial position and credit scores of the borrower and the overall economic scenario. While some of these factors can be controlled, nothing can be done about some others. US mortgage rates tumbled in early September 2011, plummeting to their lowest level in the last four decades, due to stagnant job growth and concerns about the global economic recovery, according to Freddie Mac.

Factors Affecting Best Mortgage Rates Since a mortgage loan is generally going to last for 15-20 years, it would be helpful to find the best mortgage rates. You might also want to borrow at rates that result in monthly payments that you can afford to pay back, without constraining yourself too much. An ideal way to get best interest rates is to understand the various factors that affect them and identify the ones that can be controlled by you. Here is the list of various factors that affect the interest on your home loans:

* Amount of down payment you are going to make for the purchase of your home. The higher the amount of down payment, the better the interest rates are going to be.

* Consideration of Closing Costs (various charges and fees) and the Annual Percentage Rate or APR.

* Income of the borrower and his capacity to repay the loan.

* Life of the home loan.

* The type of loan – whether fixed rate or adjustable rate

* The situation of the economy and the Consumer Price Index

A person having a good credit score, ability to make a reasonable level of down payment and a fixed rate loan can hope to borrow at a reasonable interest rate. The basic premise of getting best mortgage rates is that they fall within your budget. You can save on interest payments by opting for a mortgage loan of smaller duration, say 15 years, instead of 20 years. But this will only work if you have the capacity to make larger monthly payments.

Another way to get best mortgage rates is to take the help of an experienced mortgage broker. This will not only help you save time and effort but also aid in finding a loan at a reasonable rate of interest. These brokers are in touch with various lending agencies and can help you negotiate the best mortgage rates in return for fees. Another tip that can help you get the best mortgage rates is to get the rate guaranteed or locked till you close the deal. This is important because interest rates may change during the time when you take the quote and the time when to finalize the loan agreement.

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