When you’re faced with a clogged drain or something much more severe, the skills that a plumber in Harrisburg PA possesses are those that are necessary to solve the problem. There are some small plumbing issues such as replacing a faucet washer for example that can be handled by the home handyman but for more complex problems its best to call in a plumber as he not only has the skills to do the job, he has the correct tools.

Becoming a master plumber in Harrisburg PA takes a long time. The candidate has to go through an apprenticeship to become a journeyman and then finally a master plumber. A master plumber will be granted a license by the state which is proof of his skills. The skills needed by a plumber in Harrisburg PA are:

Reading and comprehension: a plumber will need to know the various codes applicable to his trade as well as all aspects of safety and health at work. He will have to study various manufacturers’ brochures and component installation instructions. As water has different properties from one area to another he will have to study the effects of the water on the materials used.

Documentation: The plumber in Harrisburg PA will be required to maintain a day book of his activities and of the job progress as well as be capable of reading and understanding drawings that show municipal water connections to the property as well as existing piping and sewage connections.

Numeracy: As measuring and locating piping connections and determining angles based on the fittings being used are important, an understanding of numbers is very important. Along with the specifics of the job, the plumber in Harrisburg PA will also have to prepare job estimates, work orders and invoices.

Writing: Lists of materials needed for the job are needed as is a complete log of materials used and work completed. It is also necessary to write up problem reports and incident reports should it become necessary.

Communication: Oral communication is very important as the plumber in Harrisburg PA needs to talk to various material suppliers and to co-ordinate with other trades on major work sites. He has to be able to comfortably communicate with the customer or customer’s representative and to understand orders given by his superior.

Co-operation with others: The plumber in Harrisburg PA needs to talk to others about certain tasks and be able to demonstrate certain procedures to others as well as co-ordinate tasks on work sites where there are other trades working and to co-operate with the client.

Thinking: The plumber in Harrisburg PA will be constantly called upon to think quickly and make the proper decisions when it comes to identifying and rectifying the problems, decide on the correct priorities and plan out work schedules for maximum efficiency.

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