A head gasket is a major engine component that may blow if you overheat your engine. It’s something that you’ll need to get fixed quickly if you want to prevent severe damage. The following are some signs of a blown head gasket to look out for:

White Smoke

One thing you will most likely notice if you have a blown head gasket is that white smoke comes from your exhaust pipe. This occurs because the coolant is leaking into the cylinder and being pushed out with the rest of the exhaust gases. It’s one of the most common symptoms of head gasket failure.

Power Loss

You will notice extreme power loss if you have a blown head gasket. In fact, you’ll be quite lucky if the vehicle still runs. You should stop operating the vehicle if you notice the white smoke and the power loss at the same time.

Milky Oil

Another sign that you might have a blown head gasket is a milky substance on your oil stick. Your oil won’t look like it normally does. Instead, it will have sort of a milkshake consistency. The consistency is indicative of the coolant mixing with the oil.

You’re having a vehicle emergency if you notice any or all of the above symptoms. You must take your vehicle to get auto repair in Gilbert, AZ. Techs will diagnose the problem and suggest the appropriate auto repair in Gilbert, AZ, service to get your car up and running well.

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