Having a car means responsibility. Your car works hard getting you to and from places and when something breaks on your car it is important to get the problem looked at. Car repair in Bethesda will make sure that your car leaves the shop purring like a kitten.

If problems are caught early then the costs will be lower in fixing the car. When you feel your car isn’t working to its full potential get in to see a professional mechanic so they can pin point the problem right away. Sometimes the job is going to be quick and easy such as an oil change but sometimes problems can result in digging deeper into the car’s components such as a motor repair. Car repair in Bethesda can tell you how much the problem will be before any work is done and will be able to tell you what is necessary and what can wait. Do not be afraid to ask your mechanic any questions. They are educated and professional and will do their best to make you feel at ease leaving your car in their hands.

It is important to know what parts on cars that needs to be looked after more frequently than others. Speaking to your mechanic that deals with car repairs in Bethesda you can make a check list to ensure your car runs to its full potential.

  1. Oil is essential in keeping your car running smoothly and needs to be changed about every 6 months. This can also depend on how many miles you put on your car daily so keep an eye open to change oil every 3000 to 5000 miles.
  2. Windshield wipers might need to be changed every 2 years but can be less if the climate you live in is warmer.
  3. Air filters need to be looked at about every 4 years and if you live in a dusty area this also might be less.
  4. Headlights will need to be changed about every 6 years.
  5. Tires always need to be watched and depending on how many miles you do, how rough the roads are you drive on will depend on how your tires will wear.

There are many components to your car that need to be taken care of but seeking helpful information from your mechanics and bringing your car in for a service once a year should help keep your car running to its full potential. There are also a number of lights on your dashboard that help you know when something is wrong. Do not ignore these lights, it is a way your car can tell you something is wrong and it needs to be looked at right away.

Don’t be left stranded if you need car repair in Bethesda! Come in and speak with trained mechanics at Auto Clinic Care or make an appointment for us to look at your car. Visit autocliniccare.com for more details.