Today, you can heat your home with gas, oil, electricity, the sun and even using thermal power. You can employ a heat pump, a furnace or a boiler. A wood stove or pellets may also provide the heat you need to keep the cold nights and days at bay. The furnace could stand alone or be part of a heating/cooling system. While each type has its particular requirements, when it comes to your heating system, repair work is eventually inevitable. A professional company can tell you furnace repair in Park Ridge often results from three specific issues.

Three Common Furnace Repair Problems

Furnace repair work is an integral part of a heating and cooling specialist’s job. Over the years, a technician notices that while some things change, many things remain the same. This is certainly true about furnace repair in Park Ridge. In fact, three particular problems stand out as being regular occurrences:

  • Problems with the Pilot or Ignition Controls: People will often complain that the furnace is not supplying enough heat. They may also say the heat comes and goes without seeming rhyme or reason. At fault may be the ignition or pilot controls. If this is the issue, you or a technician may be able to fix the issue by replacing the ignition or pilot.
  • Thermostat Problems: Every furnace has some form of control to establish the temperature you want in a particular room or rooms. This is called the thermostat. An incorrectly installed, faulty or malfunctioning thermostat will result in the incorrect amount of heat being distributed at the designated time.
  • Dirty Filters: As foolish as it may seem, some seemingly major issues demanding furnace repair work only require a simple fix – the change of a dirty filter. A dirty filter clogs the ability of the furnace unit to send sufficient air into the rooms. The room will take longer to heat than it should. By replacing the clogged filter with a new clean one, you can fix the problem.

Reducing Furnace Repair

Many of the problems that result in the visit of a furnace repair technician are simple and easily remedied. In fact, if the homeowner had put into place a maintenance schedule, the emergency issue would never have happened. Professionals in companies that specialize in furnace repair in Park Ridge agree. They feel that, in many cases, an ounce of preventive care e.g. regular maintenance, is worth a pound of unnecessary furnace repair visits.

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