Shared web hosting is the type of plan where multiple servers are connected to one server. At the same time, each portion functions with relative independence. One server is divided into portions and then leased out to different clients. It is favorable as it brings the charges much lower than having one server per client. The server administrator handles all the backups and upgrades to ensure that your website remains functional at optimal levels.

Being linked to one server, the website is allocated a certain amount of virtual space depending on the package that you choose. This option may be viable if you are an individual starting a website or a small business looking to expand its brand visibility.

* Apart from shared web hosting there is free hosting, which is offered by some companies. You have to use a domain name chosen by your host, which is not very efficient. The costs are really low and the plan is suitable for low traffic sites. Dedicated hosting is where your website is linked to a dedicated server; the server is used only by your website. It is suitable for websites with high levels of traffic and those that are functional on special software. In addition, there is the collocated server. This type of hosting re-locates your server to a selected area mostly for safe keeping against physical damage or vandalism.

* Comparing the other web hosting plans with shared web hosting, the free hosting is slow. It is not suitable for a professional website because the level of technical support is very low. Dedicated hosting is expensive but suitable for high traffic websites and large corporations. Shared web hosting allows other software solutions like emails and databases. The technical support is also very reliable.

* On the other hand being as good as it is, shared web hosting has the disadvantage of being insecure due to the multiple websites linked to the server. Regardless, if the plan suits your needs it has more advantages than disadvantages. The hosting company can control this with secure measures.

* Use of shared web hosting has its various benefits. It is affordable; you get to choose a package unique to your needs. There are additional features that come with the plan like blogs, shopping carts, mailing lists among others. With the whole plan, you enjoy a trial period normally 30 days absolutely free. With good server administration, you do not worry about security and software updates.

* If you want to set up your first website, you deserve to get the best web design and hosting services, which you can get all under one virtual roof. Shared web hosting is a lasting solution, which makes sure information is available to the readers on your site 24/7.

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