Believe it or not, the success of your case really doesn’t happen in the court room. A Miami Criminal defense attorney won’t hesitate to tell you that the better the early work on the case, the stuff that happens shortly after you’ve hired the counselor that will really determine the final outcome. The average attorney wishes all of their clients contacted them the first time the client starts to suspect there’s even a hint they’ll be charged with a crime. It’s possible for the lawyer to set things up so you don’t get charged at all.

As soon as you hear word the prosecutor wants to speak to you, you should get on the phone and contact a defense lawyer. By connecting with a Miami Criminal defense attorney prior to charges being filed you make it possible for them to meet with prosecutor in charge of your case and to start working on negotiating a dismissal. Not only will this early dismissal spare you the humiliation and hassle of having a permanent criminal record. It will also save you additional legal bills that mount up when the counselor has to put together a court case. Most prosecutors will be more willing to negotiate when charges haven’t been yet been formally filed.

Just because you have enlisted the services of a Miami Criminal defense attorney prior to being formally charged with a crime, doesn’t mean you can expect to negotiate you way out of charges. The success of the pre-charge negotiations depends largely on how confident the prosecutor feels. If your DA can’t get the charges dropped, they will take a look at your situation, and discuss your options with regards to negotiating a plea bargain. Again, the sooner this starts, the better the plea bargain options will be. The more time the Miami prosecutor has put into your case, the less willing they will be to negotiate.

Believe it or not, your Miami Criminal defense attorney will actually help you learn to assist the prosecution staff. The amount of help depends on the type of information you can provide. The defense barrister will make sure that this information and evidence gets presented to the police in a manner that doesn’t land you in additional trouble. They will also make sure the information provided gets used to help negotiate a better plea bargain, or to help eliminate the charges altogether.

One of the things you quickly learn when you become involved with a criminal case, will be that there is an enormous amount of paperwork and procedures involved in the process of charging a person with a crime. By connecting with the Miami Criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible, you can feel confident nothing gets overlooked, and that all of you rights are observed.

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