Traditional drum mixers deliver premixed cement in Watford directly from the plant. In this way, construction can move very rapidly as the cement is delivered right on schedule, with the cement ready to pour immediately. However, delivering ready mix concrete with drum mixers requires careful planning. If the time to delivery is delayed by unforeseen circumstance at the site, the mixing could suffer from hydration or segregation. This is particularly true on very hot days. It is also a problem when there is a very long drive from the mixing site to the construction site.

A modern innovation for cement in Watford involves a volumetric mixer, a truck that comes with separate bins for each of the ingredients of the concrete: sand, stone, water, and cement. The pouring auger also serves to mix the ingredients in the exact proportions required right at the site. As this process has come into widespread use, it has become a proven improvement over traditional drum mixers.

The first improvement is that delays in delivery due to distance or traffic are no longer a direct concern. Additionally, construction crews no longer have to worry about the state of the ready mix on hot days. Because the poured concrete is fresh, it is much easier to work with. In addition, if the weather conditions of site conditions change unexpectedly, the exact proportions of the mix can be changed easily and instantaneously. The slump, that is, the proportion of water that is added, can be changed while the off-loading is in process. The speed, quality, and efficiency of the download are greatly improved with the volumetric mixer.

One of the most popular improvements of the volumetric mixer for delivering cement in Watford is that the drum batches are no longer fixed. Normally, the first specification given to the concrete delivery service is the estimated volume. This is an important parameter since specifying too much generates a waste and worse, specifying too little generally means the delays required to order and take delivery of another batch. The volumetric mixer has no such problem. It starts with enough ingredients to deliver as much as 12 cubic meters of concrete, almost double the capacity of a drum mixer. If you specified 7 cubic meters, but only need 6, then the mixer only produces 6 cubic meters and then stops. None of the ingredients are wasted and the customer is not charged for extra. Conversely, if the customer ends up using 8 cubic meters, this is no problem for the truck to manufacture at a moment’s notice.

For maximum flexibility & efficiently of ready mixed cement in Watford, Concrete Express is able to deliver with a volumetric mixer.