Missing teeth can cause immense discomfort to the affected individual. One may be restricted from taking certain types of foods due to this condition. A missing tooth also holds the potential to cause damage to the neighboring teeth. In addition to this, it gives an unpleasant appearance as well as smell to the patient. The individual might lose their self esteem due to this and might even feel shy to smile in public.

With improvement in dental technology, the people of Milwaukee WI and the world at large can now receive dental implants. Since this technology is current, residents of the city may require information regarding dental implants before they can accept the treatment. Dental implants aim at laying a stable foundation on which a replacement tooth can be placed. The patient requiring the implant will have to be approved by the dentist. This is done after several tests have been carried out. These tests are mainly carried out to establish if enough bone mass exists for the implant.

A variety of procedures can be used to replace your teeth. Implanted teeth come in different sizes such that the right size would be placed in the empty space in your gum. The replaced tooth is usually permanently placed. This is unlike the case of removable bridges and dentures.

The appearance of the implanted tooth is similar to that of natural teeth. You can smile all you want and people would not be able to tell that you have an implanted tooth. Other than the appearance, the tooth also feels natural in the mouth. It is also totally functional. It can perform all the duties of a natural tooth including biting with force. Since the tooth will be planted in the jaw bone, it becomes strongly attached and does not easily shake.

Before the technology, Milwaukee WI residents did not know about dental implants. Problems of missing teeth were solved by removable bridges or dentures. This new procedure holds a number of advantages over the other procedures. The greatest advantage is that the implanted tooth feels and looks natural giving a normal appearance to the individual. It will also last longer. If properly cared for, the tooth can function correctly for more than ten years.

Implanted teeth are also firmly held and stable. Dentures and bridges do not offer the same luxury. Teeth replaced by this procedure are also more efficient since they are permanent and do not require to be removed frequently. Having your missing tooth replaced by an implanted one may cost you a few more dollars than the other methods. It would also take longer for the tooth to be placed since the procedure requires time before the crown is placed.

Just like the other procedures, an individual with an implanted tooth will experience uncomfortable moments and even some pain during the first few hours. This however lasts for only a few days. A person requiring dental implants in Milwaukee WI should only visit skilled and experienced dentists.

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