Today, it is essential for all businesses to become as environmentally friendly as possible. While many changes are costly and time consuming, one change virtually every business can make is to switch to commercial LED lighting. There are a variety of programs available that offer financing for these projects to minimize the out-of-pocket costs, while encouraging businesses to make the change to the eco-friendly lighting that is becoming more popular throughout the country.

Energy Efficiency

The most widely known fact about LED lighting is its energy efficiency. Do you know what that means, though? It is more than using less power; it decreases the amount of resources you draw from the Earth, decreases your utility bills and even regulates the temperature in your building. When you think about the combination of lower power bills as a result of this friendly lighting system, as well as decreased use of the air conditioner, you will appreciate the energy efficiency you will experience. Not only will you have lower utility bills, your appliance repair bills will be lower because your utilities will be used less often due to the consistent temperatures the light bulbs make your building capable of.

Lower Maintenance Needs

commercial LED lighting fixtures. is durable and does not need replacement as often as regular light bulbs. This means you can decrease your need for maintenance calls or to pay for an employee to solely handle the maintenance of your lighting. Energy-efficient light bulbs have a lifespan that is almost 30 times greater than halogen lights, helping you decrease the time and money that is necessary in replacing bulbs, especially if your commercial operation is large.


Some fluorescent lighting that is currently found in commercial buildings has been found to contain mercury. If anyone is exposed, this could pose major health risks. LED lighting is safe with no known toxicity or other health issues that could put the health and wellness of your employees and customers at risk.

If you are trying to find ways to make your company more eco-friendly, turn to commercial LED lighting. This simple switchover can change your company’s bills and energy usage immensely, allowing you to recoup any money it costs to have the lighting installed quickly. In addition, you are doing your part to protect the planet and providing your employees and customers with a safe place to work and patronize.

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