Going to the dentist for a regular check-up is anxiety provoking for many people. Dentists that strive to have products on hand that make even simple procedures such as in-office tooth whitening as comfortable and stress free for their clients typically have a much higher client retention rate. Using foam swabs in the tooth bleaching procedure is a great way to show your patients how much you care about their personal comfort.

The Design

Although they may look a bit like a Q-Tip, foam swabs are actually very different. Instead of a cotton or absorbent material on the end there is a small soft foam piece. These foam swab ends are usually make of reticulated polyurethane which is non-reactive and does not contain any latex so there is no need to worry about allergies. It is also not going to absorb water so they can be used without fear of diluting the gel.

The foam swab end may be rounded, like a Q-Tip, or it can be rectangle and flat in shape. Both are effective in use for a variety of different applications in a dentist’s office, which makes them a handy tool to have on hand.

Foam Swabs in Teeth Whitening Procedures

When using gel as a whitening agent in trays for in-office tooth whitening it is very common for a bit of the gel to slide out over the top of the tray and get on the gums. While this may not be problematic for some patients it can be uncomfortable for others.

Using the foam swab the dental technician or hygienist can easily remove the excess gel or even apply gel to areas of the teeth that may not be correctly covered by the bleaching agent. Since it is foam there is no pain or discomfort even for the most sensitive and anxious patient.

Foam swabs can be stored in a clean, dry, airtight container indefinitely. They will quickly become an item that is used by staff on a regular basis for everything from patient care to instrument and equipment cleaning on the spot. Most companies provide these foam swabs in pre-sealed packages of 25, allowing you to order in bulk without any concerns about special storage needs. Contact Teeth Whitening Supply Depot for more information.