If you have had a child of your own that you are raising, you know the special joy that only parenthood can bring. It is amazing to enter each day wondering what this little person is going to learn or do today, and what fun and amazing experiences you will share. Not everyone is lucky enough to find it easy to have a family, though. For some couples, for reasons that are completely outside the control of medical science, there is simply no way that one of them can get pregnant and give birth to a child. This is why Surrogate Mothers California perform such a significant service.

Women who want to become a surrogate mother must be both healthy and fairly young. Their age should be between roughly 21 and 42, and it is important that they not be smokers. They also must have gone through a healthy pregnancy already, and given birth to a child that they are actually raising. This creates a more secure situation for all concerned. The surrogate can sign on for the process already knowing what pregnancy and its challenges will be like, and she will also have a sense of how she will feel after birth and facing the moment when it is time to pass the infant into the hands of its intended parents.

If you wish, you can sign on with an agency that will permit you to choose the intended parents for whom you carry a child. This can make the experience much more special. In fact, the women who perform this great service often become lifelong friends with the intended mothers they chose. There is a deep bond that comes from the process, and it means that surrogate mothers who wish to do so can frequently get ongoing updates on how the child is doing as he or she grows.

California is an excellent place to participate in this process, because it has laws that are so favorable to surrogacy. Unlike some other states, they tend to enforce the right of intended parents to their child, and they even recognize the fact that a homosexual couple can be the intended parents. Therefore, if you want to find out more about how you can offer this gift to a family that desperately wants to love and care for a baby, you should contact and agency and fill out an application. For more information visit http://www.creatingfamilies.com/SM/sm_info.aspx .