Most of us spend way more time than we would like to in our own laundry rooms. However, if the design of your laundry room is outdated, or you don’t have enough room to function; it may be time to contact a Dallas remodeling contractor who can design a laundry room that is maximized for space and functionality. There are no written rules of what your laundry room must look like. You can have a design that fits your personal tastes and is highly functional, as well.

Stackable Washer and Dryer

If your laundry room is very small, you need to save as much space as possible. A stackable washer and dryer unit can be the perfect space-saving solution! A front-loading machine will also give you room to fold your clothes on top, if needed. There are even dual-purpose washer/dryer units for very small laundry rooms.

Storage Space

One of the main problems of a small laundry room is not having enough storage space. If you have shelves installed on your walls, it will free up floor space and provide a place for hanging and storing laundry items. Make sure you discuss where you want these shelves installed with your Dallas remodeling contractor. You can even utilize a rolling cart for convenience for your laundry soap and fabric softener, along with other items. Small drying racks installed on your wall work well for hanging or drying small clothing items.

Painting and Lighting

Avoid painting a laundry room in dark colors. Lighter colors will make the room appear brighter and also make the most of the lighting you have available in the room. The more lighting you have in your laundry room, the larger the room will appear. It is also easier to work in a room that is well-lighted.


Cabinets in your laundry room will add lots of functional storage space. The closer your cabinets can be to your washer and dryer, the better. These cabinets can be installed above a washer and dryer or adjacent to them. If you are low on space in the rest of your home, these cabinets can also double as a sort of “linen closet.” If you have floor cabinets installed, the tops can provide important working room for ironing or folding clothes.

A laundry room should be a place where you can work in comfort with everything you need within easy reach. By using these easy space saving ideas, you can have your Dallas remodeling contractor design a laundry room you will enjoy spending time in, even if you are working!

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