According to FBI Uniform Crime Report 2005, property crimes constituted three quarters of all crime in the United States during that year. The average dollar loss per burglary offense in 2005 was $1.725. Home security alarms have emerged as useful method of dissuading burglars and thieves from breaking in houses. They not only help reduce property crimes, but also provide homeowners the peace of mind when they go out of their homes.

Types of Home Security Alarms

Home security alarms and systems have moved from traditionally used locks and guard dogs to more sophisticated ones with additional features. Modern security systems comprise a comprehensive network of components that work together to protect your homes from burglars, fires and other emergencies.

Home security systems can be wired or wireless. All types of alarm systems, if triggered, let out a shrill noise that draw attention to the home and scare away the intruder. Many systems also alert the local police or other authorities that can send help immediately. Home security alarms can be of many types. While some detect motion, others detect forced entry through the door or windows.

Motion Sensor Alarm: Such security alarms go off the moment the system detects unauthorized movement in or around your home. The system works by sensing infrared energy given off by a person in the secured area. The alarms are pet proof and do not set off if your pets are moving around or a cat enters your house.

Window Break Security System: These alarms go off in case a burglar breaks the windows of your home or makes an unauthorized entry through a door.

Benefits of Home Security Alarms

Installation of home security alarms is essential for people who travel frequently or have to leave their homes vacant for long. Home security systems offer benefits such as:

  • 24 hour surveillance of your home. Systems with CCTVs provide video footage of any forced entry in your home
  • Mental satisfaction and peace of mind, since you know that your home is safe and secure.
  • They have features that ensure that no false alarms are triggered in case of pets moving around.
  • Protection from fire and gas leakage
  • Reduced insurance premium
  • Easy operations, activation and deactivation is a leading provider of ADT monitored security systems and Home Security Alarms to keep your home safe.

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