Seeing the Orthodontist in Pequannock is a right of passage for many teenagers and pre-teens. Some patients may be ready to begin orthodontic treatment as early as elementary or middle school, while still others may have to wait until they are well into their high school years. Your dentist can determine exactly when the optimal time to begin treatment is for each patient. Just as each individual experiences their growth spurt or maturation at different times, the right time to correct dental problems is an personal process.

The first step is to see one dentist for regularly scheduled appointments and cleanings with a professional dental hygienist. Some dental imperfections are noticeable early on in childhood, while others can not be fully detected until many years later. The dentist can determine through observation and x rays whether there are issues that need correction. This might concern overcrowded or missing teeth, as well as bite and jaw alignment that is not correct. A referral to an Orthodontist is generally the next step in the road to an improved smile.

The orthodontist will take additional diagnostic photos to survey these problems. Along with the patient and his family, the doctor can explore the best methods of correction using the most modern of techniques and materials. The heavy metal braces used decades ago are rarely employed today. Current materials are lighter and barely noticeable compared to the orthodontia of old. Patients realize that whatever inconvenience they might have now will more than be repaid when their smile is picture perfect. The confidence a beautiful smile brings them can help them succeed personally and socially.
Another development is the increasing number of adults consulting an Orthodontist in Pequannock to correct their dental imperfections. This is certainly due to the improvement and invisibility of orthodontic devices available for use. Braces can now be made clear and so invisible that only the doctor and the patient are truly aware of their presence. With the stigma of the dreaded braces of old gone, orthodontia is a dental technique welcome in the lives of both the young and middle aged.

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