Jewelries are often transferred from generation to generation. The length of life of jewelry is highly dependent upon how it is kept and secured. Many individuals keep their jewelry and other valuables inside safety deposit boxes but it becomes inconvenient when there is a need to wear it for a grandiose occasion. A jewelry safe becomes a very convenient place for the valuable jewelries since it is kept inside the home and can easily be accessed.

It is worth the investment in a jewelry safe to protect the family heritage. Jewelries are valuable and they should not be kept carelessly inside jewelry boxes which can easily be carted away by burglars. It is indeed surprising why many folks decide to keep their jewels inside velvet-lined boxes and left on top of dressers or drawers where even an inexperienced burglar can easily lay his hands on. It is an easy target not only for burglars but even for those who will be tempted with the value of the contents.

Home jewelry safe is not only for security reasons but as protection against fire and floods. While these events rarely happen, it is best to be prepared for any eventualities. Statistics always show a real possibility for these unfortunate situations. Safes have fire ratings and look for those done by independent companies. Just as fire ratings are important, so does the quality and durability of the safe. Generally, the more steel in the safe, the less likely that it can be forcefully opened. There are safes that can be considered cheap but easily opened with a crowbar. If you are thinking of this investment, look for quality since this is where you get the most value from the amount paid.

Two different styles of locks afford the best security for the home jewelry safe. Most people prefer the electronic lock because it is more convenient and they can easily set and reset the combination without having to call a locksmith. The tumbler style locks that are provided by the manufacturer have a set combination that needs a locksmith to change the combination. Since both kinds of locks are equally secure, either of the locks will provide the desired protection. Biometric locks are a newer innovation but the cost does not make it too attractive for potential customers.

The customized jewelry safe has velvet lined shelves to protect the heritage. Considering the value of the jewelry, it is but right to have it protected by all means. The velvet lining prevents the valuables from scratches and damages. It will work well for the jewelry even for a lifetime and preserves not only the monetary but sentimental values.

Aside from jewelry, the safe can also be used to keep cash and important documents like insurance policies, contracts and last will and testament. These are items that should not be lying around the house unprotected. Don’t make it too easy for the burglars to steal your valuables. With the rising levels of crimes, it is better to be safe than be sorry.

Jewelries are prone to theft and the best kind of protection is a jewelry safe. If you are looking for a safe and secure way to store your jewels, visit