The majority of claims for SSDI, or Social Security Disability Insurance, and SSI, or Social Security Income, are initially denied. The SSA, Social Security Administration, usually denies disability claims based on the following information:

  • The disability of the applicant is not severe or it is not expected to last more than 12 months.
  • The applicant will be able to perform their typical work, or some other type of work.
  • The disability of the claimant does not provide enough medical evidence.
  • The applicant did not cooperate or adhere to the recommended medical treatment.
  • The applicant was able to resume work prior to the disability being proven.

If your claim for disability benefits has been denied by the SSA, you should not despair. You have the legal right to appeal this decision. The first part of appealing a disability claim decision is to request a reconsideration. As the name states, “reconsideration” is when another look is taken at the initial claim. There is no need to start over at this point without first filing for reconsideration.

The most effective way to challenge a disability claim that has been denied is to file the request for reconsideration with new evidence that rebuts the findings of the SSA. An example of this would be a detailed, well-written report from your doctor that is supported by concrete medical evidence that will help the decision be overturned. Some of the information that this doctor’s report should include is: your detailed medical history; any relevant lab or clinical findings; the official medical diagnosis; and the prescribed medical treatment along with the response and prognosis.

In most cases, you will have a period of 60 days to file the request for reconsideration. If you miss this deadline, you will likely have to complete an entirely new claim. If you were denied for a medical reason, then you can file for the reconsideration with the online disability appeal tool of the SSA. Other options for reconsideration include filling out the appropriate forms and sending them to the SSA.

Unfortunately there will only be a small amount of disability claims that are approved after the reconsideration process. However, a way that you can increase the chance of a positive outcome, is to hire the services of an attorney. While the Disability Appeals process can be difficult, having legal representation by your side can reduce the stress you are under.

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