Of all the many thousands of Social Security disability claims that are made only a small percentage are approved on the first application, statistically a good three quarters of applications are denied. When you receive notification for the Social Security Administration that your application has been denied it will be accompanied by information on the disability appeals that can be made and how to make them. As any appeal must be made within 60 days from the day you receive the notice of denial you do not have much time to act.

How long is the appeals process?

There are a number of levels of appeal; the first one which is a review by the Disability Determination Service (DDS) may be back within a couple of weeks although normally it takes a couple of months as there is always a substantial case load. The DDS personnel are different than the medical consultant and examiner who turned down your initial application.

If this fails the disability appeals process moves on to a hearing in front of an Administrative Judge, this is where the process can really bog down; it is not unusual for the decision to take a year or more. If you make further appeals to this council you can expect at least another year to get an answer.

If you take your appeal all the way to Federal Court it can easily take several years to get a ruling. Federal court is not only for Social Security disability cases, judges have an array of cases that they must hear and your claim will go to the back of the line.

Get representation:

As the appeals process become more complicated it also becomes more difficult for a layperson to understand what is happening and what is expected of them. In cases like this it is suggested that an attorney who deals with disability appeals be hired, the SSA are comfortable, perhaps even more so, working with your attorney.

It is not only new applications for disability that you can be faced with, if you are receiving disability benefits and they are suddenly discontinued your attorney can make a representation to the SSA and you may be granted continuation of benefits while your disability appeals are being processed. The normal reasons for benefit termination include an improvement in your condition if you are getting SSDI benefits or you are no longer eligible for SSI benefits.

If you are not among the small minority that has their application for Social Security disability benefits approved on the initial application then you are wise to make your disability appeals through a seasoned attorney. For assistance you are invited to contact the Business Name, your chances of success with your appeal are much higher when you have legal representation.