Treatment of any disease is possible after ruling out the cause behind, and same is true about chronic fatigue cure. Many people link fatigue to lack energy, but this may be true only if the condition is temporary, however if it prevails there could be a disease behind it, requiring a treatment.

There are many conditions and diseases which cause fatigue and they are described below:

Depression, when it becomes frequent, or chronic.

In this case fatigue can be treated after curing depression, which can be through natural ways, or through medication. The first type of treatment includes, exercise, yoga, meditation, reiki, madras, herbal medicines, acupuncture and therapies. Whereas, in severe conditions it is treated through various drugs.


Like depression if anxiety continues for long, it needs treatment, which can be done either through natural ways, or through medications. Once it is cured, there would be no fatigue of any kind.

MS-multiple sclerosis.

Though this disease is not curable, but after following certain methods, one can get rid of rest of the symptoms. This is related to body immune system, so fatigue becomes severe with the time. Taking healthy diet, and counseling, as well as dealing with mood swings can help boost up energy, hence no exhaustion, or less of it.

Viral disease, as hepatitis.

A person feels exhausted easily even after a small task, and once it is cured, the patient would also get chronic fatigue cure. In some cases aids and cancer can also be the reason, though it has different nature than the rest of the diseases described.

Poor diet, and lack of essential vitamins.

If it’s not taken care of, a person may feel tired all the time and the condition will persist becoming chronic after years. So, better make your diet healthy, and balanced, moreover after the age of 30 start taking supplements, which your body is lacking. In many people lack of iron is also the reason behind, so it should also be treated with supplements, and diet.

Work load, and stress of any kind.

If a person works constantly throughout the year, and takes less or no vacations at all, it would lead to severe exhaustion. If this becomes a habit, which is common among business persons, it would cause some other chronic disease, as diabetes, or heart failure etc.

Hypothyroidism or any thyroid related disease.

The disease can persist in some cases due to which chronic fatigue happens, which can be eliminated after treating thyroid issues.


Unfortunately, diabetes cannot be cured forever, though it is easy to control through medicines and diet. Once a person becomes diabetic, he or she has to take drugs for a whole life, hence, it may lead to chronic fatigue, which can be controlled but not cured forever.

Once any of the above mentioned disease is diagnosed in a person, treatment becomes necessary, so that the patient would feel energetic, and free from any kind of weakness. The patient should also do some research to get more ways to deal with any disease.

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