A few cities in the United States seem to specialize in video editing and production. DC is one of the most peculiar, but to understand how that unique city works, it is wise to take a look at the massive cities that handle production. Los Angeles is an obvious one, as it is the City of Angels as well as the city of Hollywood. But the budget is high, and it is fiercely competitive. It is downright impossible for a small production company to stake a claim in the land of the big budget, and multi-million dollar deals go down every day that seek to minimize the independent value of a smaller company. New York City seems to offer an equally bombastic synergy in its production features. But the angle is certainly more with the lucrative smaller production companies, making it a hotbed for tough competition and limitless opportunity.

But the Internet is changing the way business is done. No longer do producers have to visit these major metropolis’ and pitch promotional video. Making Production Companies in DC all the more sought after. They can simply construct a Kickstarter and smile at the thousands pouring their way. Kickstarter is a famous project gathering website that hosts independent projects (and productions) and asks for people to donate and support that project. It is, quite frankly, a simple way for a production company to get a pet project made.

DC companies focus on quality videography with excellent results, rarely having to worry about the fierce competition other cities offer. They prove what they are made of by tackling the online environment. Video production is rarely easy. if you want to do it right, you have to understand the software in and out and implement unique ideas. It does not hurt if you know someone in the business to get you a leg up financially. But it is rarely all about the money, even in an entertainment driven field.

Independent features are relying on small production companies to move their project forward. This is not just focused on actual editing. Production companies offer the means and resources to construct various aspects of the overall production. They also step outside the Hollywood focus of feature films. Video commercials, documentaries, and YouTube video vignettes all assist in the pool of opportunity available to a skilled production company.

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