There are several options for elder care in Nassau county NY including companion care, health aides or assisted living. This happens to all of us, as we get older our body’s capacity to take care of itself diminishes. The gradual decrease is more pronounced in some than others. If you are concerned about your aging parents and about their ability to take of themselves, then elder care provided by skilled agencies might be the option for you. There are many signs that indicate if your aging parents need elder care.

Personal Care And Safety With Elder Care In Nassau County NY

Lack of personal care is the first indication that your parents might need elder care help at least on a part time basis to start. Look at their personal appearance, condition of their clothes, their regular daily routine with cleaning, bathing and basic grooming. Pay attention to the general maintenance of their house including the cleanliness inside, yard maintenance or any other neglected work around the house. If you see any warning signs that the house is unkempt or if there are safety concerns with narrow stairway, slips in the bathroom or problems with reading labels on the products.

Pay attention to any safety related issues on the road. Are your parents able to drive safely around town or is the vision becoming a problem. Is it unusual for them to get confused while on the road? If you observe any of these signs then you have to start looking at options of alternate options to ensure their safety and well being with regard to transportation. 

Memory Loss And Other Health Conditions Requiring Elder Care In Nassau County NY

Some form of memory loss is expected with age and is fairly common. It could also result from a medication side effect or be due to other causes like dementia or early Alzheimer’s. Pay attention to the memory loss in your aging parents if it is a normal modest problem or a more concerning one. You might need a medical evaluation if you suspect something more than an occasional memory lapse.

Keep track of the weight of your aging parents. If they have been losing weight continuously then it might indicate poor appetite, loss of taste or smell, increasing difficulty in cooking or other medical conditions like dementia, malnutrition or depression.

What To Do If Your Parents Are In Need Of Elder Care In Nassau County NY

The first step is to discuss the situation with your parents and share your concerns. This might help them in getting an evaluation done by their doctors or possibly provide some explanation to address your concerns. A medical evaluation can at least rule out or establish any underlying causes for weight loss or memory loss. Address safety issues with your aging parents and create a plan that suggests alternate transportation options. Consider elder care and home care services for housekeeping, cooking and getting around town.

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