Home care in Queens County NY is a personalized form of health care where the home health care professionals create a treatment plan with the doctor’s help and follow this plan. Patient status is monitored and reported back to the doctor and the plan is updated or modified accordingly. Education to the patient and to the family members is also a part of the treatment plan and it helps to provide a healthier and more independent life.

Type Of Skill Sets Available For Home Care In Queens County NY

There are many skill sets available as a part of home care in Queens County NY including physical, occupational and speech therapy, companion care, dieticians, personal care and nursing.

Physician and nursing care is for diagnosis of the illness and then to provide the required care needed as per the physician’s orders. Nursing care would include dressing wounds, intravenous therapy and administering medications. Therapies provide help when a patient needs to learn performing daily activities or to improve their speech. This could be required during recovery from an illness or injury. Medical social workers provide counseling services and provide various community resources that are available to the patient for recovery. Home health aides are very important as they help the patients with their basic personal needs. Homemakers take care of housekeeping and domestic housekeeping chores. Companion care and volunteer services are available to provide comfort and companionship and could also include some household duties. Dieticians provide nutritional guidance while there are community resources like Meals on Wheels available that offer cooked meals delivered to your home.

Hospice Assistance With Home Care In Queens County NY

Hospice staff can assist caregivers working at your home in case of terminal illness. They will assess the patient’s health and provide additional care as necessary. Hospice staff is usually on call round the clock and specialize in supportive care and pain relief during last periods. Some of the main services provided include managing the patient’s pain, providing medical and personal care, assisting the caregivers, providing emotional and physical support and additional services as needed. Medicare might cover the hospice expenses if it is ordered by the physician. Check with Medicare or other private insurance providers for their coverage policy.

Home Modifications That Can Help With Home Care In Queens County NY

There are many products offered in the market today that help with performing daily activities for the elderly. These modifications also improve the general safety in getting round the house. Discuss with the physical and occupational therapists for their suggestions and recommendations. Some of the recommended modifications around the house include installation of grab bars or benches in the bathroom, adding non-skid strips in the tub or shower, installation of ramps or stair lifts, installing security system and adding extra space for a caregiver.

Medicare doesn’t cover for these costs but might cover any medical equipment that needs to get added.

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