With the economy being the way it is, businesses must save on costs wherever they can. Some companies may see a lot of savings just from data center optimization. The data center is almost like the heart of most modern companies. Not only is it the place where important data is stored, all telecommunications and other important IT infrastructure may be contained in the data center. A data center should be well maintained and kept up-to-date with the latest technologies. There are several ways that a company can reduce costs. Here are a few things that a company can do to cut down on costs of operating a data center.

Energy Consumption

The power consumed by servers and equipment is a high cost of running a data center. Electricity can be a very expensive necessity, especially with the power consumption of some data centers. It may be beneficial to update equipment to low power consumption models. New models of servers and equipment are available with energy star ratings. As a general rule, the higher the number of the energy star rating, the more efficient the equipment is and the less power it consumes. Another component of data centers that can consume a lot of power is the climate control system. New air conditioning systems with a high energy star rating can reduce power consumption and save on the cost of electricity. As an added benefit of using energy star rated servers and air conditioning, your company will be helping the environment by “going green.”

Consider Outsourcing

There are many companies available for hire that specialize in managing data centers for other businesses. The savings your company could see from using an outside data center company could be quite high. For one thing, all the costs of electricity for running the servers and climate control systems would be eliminated. Also, your company would not need to keep a large portion of IT staff dedicated to maintaining and monitoring the data center. They would be free to concentrate on other tasks. Not to mention, a lot of space must be dedicated to housing a data center. If your company made use of an outside data center, you might be able to re-locate into a smaller building. This could potentially save a lot of money on renting space. Outsourcing the data center responsibilities to a specialized company might actually be the best way for you to save money for your company.

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