Do you have an XBOX 360? Are you fed-up with the standard controller because it doesn’t do what you want it to? Or are you just looking for a controller that fits your style and comfort better? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need an XBOX 360 modded controller.

These controllers are incredibly versatile, up to the point where you can even design your own. There are loads of different features you can have from thumb-sticks to LED displays that will light up your gaming experience if you play in the dark. The sky really is the limit with these types of XBOX 360 controllers; whatever you’re looking for there will be a design to suit you.

The trouble with the standard XBOX 360 controllers is they are just that, standard. Not one design suits everyone and whilst, for most people, the controller that comes with your XBOX 360 will do the job very well there are some gamers that need that little bit extra.

For instance with an XBOX 360 modded controller you can have the control buttons in different places which adds to the comfort of your gaming experience. It could be that the game you play often requires you to use two buttons simultaneously and if they’re in different places it can be difficult or slow to use. With a modified controller, you can move the buttons around so it’s easier for you to use them.

Color is another thing that many gamers like with their controllers and with an XBOX 360 modded controller there are many choices. It may be that you would like different color thumb-sticks to the controller itself, no problem! Whilst on the subject of thumb-sticks for those of you that play games for long periods of time or have to use the thumb-sticks a lot it can become a problem if your fingers get sweaty and slip from the thumb-sticks. Yet another level lost because your fingers slipped from the controls!

With an XBOX 360 modded controller you can have thumb-sticks that have added grip on the top so you have more control and if you do get sweaty fingers, your grip won’t slip. Shape of your XBOX 360 controller is something-else you can play around with; everyone’s hands are different and if you happen to have either small or large hands, a modified XBOX 360 controller can be designed in such a way so that it fits your hand like a glove.

For the serious gamers out there an XBOX 360 modded controller is the way forward; imagine having complete control over the games you play and at the same-time be able to play to your heart’s content without taking a break because your hands are tired? Sure, you will have to buy one and the prices you pay depend on how much you want to modify; that said there are many great deals to be found as this is fast becoming a very competitive industry.

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