Almost every aspect of long-distance moving in Delaware County, Pennsylvania can be a stressful experience if you allow it to control you, rather than taking control over it. For some people, this is impossible, and for others, it sounds absurd. When calm and collected people tell you to calm down, go with the flow, or even to “let go and let God”, it’s easy to hear those kinds of encouragements as inducements to fly the white flag and sing “Que sera sera” until eventually authorities are called in and you are able to settle down in a loony bin.

Whether still planning the move, packing or trying to pack, making arrangements at the place of your destination, finding new schools and filling out paperwork, getting utilities turned off here and turned on there, contacting moving companies in Delaware County in search of one that won’t break or steal your possessions, saying goodbye to friends and neighbors, and a whole host of other variables that play into your busy schedule can cause stress.

The advice to chill out sounds to the person who is more or less precariously poised for stress all the time like saying, “just go with one of the moving companies in Delaware County that has the best-looking movers, or the first one that calls. Or, why not just leave your things out on the lawn and let your neighbors take whatever they’d like. It’s just stuff, right?” But that isn’t the point.

Stress is the body’s reaction to emotional events that are usually hidden deeper in the psyche than the immediate triggers. As a bodily reaction, it can curve your entire mood into a downward spiral if you let it. The best way to address a bodily reaction is through a bodily cure, which is why some people self-medicate for stress and anxiety by drinking alcohol or using illegal substances. Others medicate through prescription drugs.

Various medical professionals offer ways to learn how to remain centered and calm even when you feel strong emotional reactions to difficult events. Another way of calming down the body that actually works in a positive way is to practice mindfulness, or utilize various breathing techniques. Such practices have been implemented in Western medical contexts, and have helped people in all kinds of circumstances to learn how to handle difficult and stressful situations while still retaining the energy to satisfy personal responsibilities. Learning how to center yourself can have far-reaching positive consequences, such as feeling calm even when you are in the middle of a chaotic situation such as moving from one state to another.

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