Millions of people move every year, generating more waste products, using carbon fuels to move, and contributing to an environmental footprint that most geological scientists agree contributes to climate change. With so many people on the move, particularly in America, not only does your local moving company in Delaware County get a lot of business, but many people may find it amenable to reduce their own individual contribution to waste by taking specific actions. The ultimate might be to not move, but if that is impossible and the need to migrate is insurmountable, the following suggestions may be helpful.

  • Resist buying new boxes. Paper waste contributes to more than a third of landfill waste, and methane emissions from paper manufacturing are worse for the environment than carbon. You can start collection old boxes from local retail stores. Liquor stores often have small sturdy boxes that are perfect you moving books and similar items. Many other stores receive shipments often and are usually willing to give you their boxes straight from their recycling bin.
  • Once you arrive at your destination, recycle your cardboard boxes rather than throwing them away. You may be able to rent crates that are reusable from your moving company in Delaware County if you can’t find boxes. These last for about a decade and can then be recycled as well.
  • Use recyclable materials to pack with such as old newspaper, or packing peanuts that are made from corn starch, which degrades naturally and efficiently. Bubble wrap made of recycled plastic may prove to be useful as well.
  • Properly dispose of the hazardous wastes you may have accumulated over the years before you move, such as old paint, antifreeze, car batteries, and household cleaners. Your moving company in Delaware County will likely refer you to the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program, which sponsors four events every year to collect waste materials, whether you have an old television to get rid of or an obsolete cell phone.
  • Have a yard sale before you move in order to save yourself money and time, as well as to unclutter your lifestyle. Get rid of stuff you no longer need or use, or whatever you deem would be more expensive to move than it’s worth.

If you do have to move, drive within the speed limit and be careful not to consume more fuel than is necessary. If you don’t own a car, consider using public ground transportation such as the train or a bus rather than flying. Ground transportation is less damaging to the environment than jet fuel exhaust.

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