Safety products suppliers have been working overtime this year to make a lot of products to keep medical professionals and necessary workers safe. Many of the products made and supplied come from a company in Minnesota, a fact few Americans know. These safety product suppliers in Minnesota are responsible for churning out all of the following products.


Masks have been a major product on the supply line this year. It includes a lot of respirators too, which are able to filter out practically everything that floats around in the air. These respirator masks can filter particulates, fumes, and even nuisance dust. That makes them the ideal product to wear for personal safety no matter what job you do or what you need the masks for.

All Kinds of Ear Protection

Noise in many work environments can damage your hearing. Having the right ear protection is key. You can order anything from foam earplugs to hard hats and noise-canceling headphones in one product. Each of these products has its own safety rating for noise and sound, which helps consumers ascertain which type and style of ear protection are right for their lines of work.

Protective Clothing

Many jobs require some form of protective clothing. Disposable hospital cover ups, gloves, and even welding vests are all forms of protective clothing. Safety products suppliers carry all kinds of protective clothing items for all kinds of professionals in all kinds of work. The best part is that these suppliers will sell anything you need to you in bulk.