The groundskeepers at the Kalamazoo Country Club certainly think so! With 27 holes of fabulous golf courses, all perfectly groomed and maintained, the need for underground sprinkler systems is mandatory. But it does not have to be a country club to have well maintained and tended lawns and gardens; it can just as easy be your home.

Kalamazoo dates back to 1836, prior to that it was named after the founder Titus Bronson. With two colleges, Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College and a host of well known companies, for example Stryker Corporation who are famous for their hospital beds, Gibson Guitar Corp who have been instrumental in getting some of the best musicians off and running and Upjohn Corporation, now part of the Pfizer Corporation producing breakthrough drugs.

Some of the homes in Kalamazoo are grand affairs with large well planned gardens and lawns. To ensure perfection, the owners have installed underground sprinklers in Kalamazoo neighborhoods to keep the beauty and ambiance of the areas.

Many new homes in Kalamazoo and Portage are being constructed with underground sprinklers as a part of the initial infrastructure which makes things rather easy. Although it is more difficult to install underground sprinklers in Kalamazoo when the home and the landscaping are there and mature, it can be done with limited fuss and disruption.

The pipes are normally buried 12 to 18” deep and can be put in trenches that are dug by hand or machine or in some instances by the use of a pipe puller. To get under driveways and sidewalks the professional irrigation contractors will water drill from one side to the other. Flags or stakes are placed where the sprinkler heads are going to be located and the manifold with back flow preventer is installed near the water source. If the trenches are hand dug the contractor will first remove the sod and roll it so that it can be re-laid after the pipes have been installed.

Once the pipes are installed, the fittings for the sprinkler heads and valves are installed on the pipe ends and the entire assembly is completed. As the installation is normally done in a series of zones it allows for the installation to be staggered if desired, this is good if there are budgetary constraints when you install your underground sprinklers in Kalamazoo.

At the same time that the pipes were buried so were the control cables to the individual valves. The valves are now wired to the timer and controller, the system is tested and the nozzles are set up perfectly, the trenches are filled, the sod re-laid and it’s done.

In Kalamazoo you have a team of professional irrigation contractors in Sanderson and DeHaan. Give them a call today, ask them to come to your home, review your needs and give you a free estimate, the time and money that you will save will more than pay for the underground sprinklers system in Kalamazoo.