Fear has driven many homeowners to take drastic measures in terms of the trees on their property. A tree can be a lovely, shade-giving addition to your back or front yard. You can even save on cooling costs during hot Marietta summers if a shade tree is planted where it will shade lower level windows from the sun. But rather than attempt to take advantage of the benefits of trees, some Marietta residents opt to simply remove their trees. Why? Because they are worried that a diseased branch or the whole tree will fall and damage their property, a neighbors property, or pose a threat to their safety and the safety of their family.

Danger Lies in Inaction

But not every tree falls in every storm. In fact, it is really only the weak or diseased trees that cannot handle weather events in Marietta. Tree removal service is available at reasonable prices, so it makes sense that people assume it’s better to remove the tree altogether. However, it turns out that the benefits of keeping a tree and having regular tree service far outweigh the risks.

With regular tree maintenance, trimming, pruning, and service, your trees can be safe and beneficial. An arborist can assess the risks of keeping a tree, can provide options for making your home safer, and will always tell you if a limb or an entire tree must be removed to maintain safety. But that doesn’t mean you need tree removal service – just a bit of care and maintenance from time to time.

The danger comes when you have an old or diseased tree that gets no care whatsoever. Then, when weather events happen, it is more likely that your tree will be damaged and cause damage if it has not had regular pruning and tree service.

Tree Removal Service for Serious Cases

The truth is that sometimes Marietta residents do need tree removal service, but those cases are much rarer than you may assume. Sometimes a tree does get old and weak, and the only option is to remove the tree to ensure the safety of everyone around and their property. Additionally, trees get sick and weak, and sometimes just one weak, diseased branch can be enough to do significant damage. That’s why tree service is important.

And if you need tree removal service in Marietta, having regularly scheduled tree service will ensure that you’re familiar with a trustworthy company that can also handle the tree removal service for you.

If you are concerned about the health of a tree on your property and want to find out more, Atlanta Tree Professionals provide tree service, tree planting and tree removal service in Marietta.