Accidents are the scariest nightmares of car owners who invest a fortune in purchase of the vehicle. Therefore, most car owners are required to purchase suitable automobile insurance. The main aim of automobile insurance is to compensate for any loss or damage to the vehicle due to any untoward incident like a road accident or a theft. Generally, the insurance policies also cover medical injuries that the insured person might have incurred in accident. The main types of coverages that a car owner should look for in the automobile insurance they purchase for their vehicles are as follows.

Liability Coverage

Every state requires the car owner to purchase liability coverage and the amount mentioned differs from state to state. Maximum investment in the automobile insurance package must be dedicated to this coverage. The premium for liability coverage must be kept high in order to meet any compensation due for damages during accidents. This coverage pays for any loss or damage caused by the insurer’s car involved in the accident. In addition to covering all damages or medical bills that you incur, this coverage also pays for court and defense costs that occasionally occur in accidents.

Collision Coverage

Any physical damage to the car owing to a collision with another car or pole is compensated under this coverage. This type of coverage is constantly present in all types of automobile insurance packages. This is because there is a high probability of vehicle collisions these days owing to the increased number of vehicles on the streets.

Comprehensive Coverage

Any damage or loss to the car, due to causes other than accidents or collision, is taken care of in this coverage. Often car owners go for insurance packages that offer liability and collision coverages and do not give importance to comprehensive coverage. They fail to recognize the loss that can occur due to third party causes like thefts, fires, and natural disasters like floods, hailstorms and tornadoes. These factors can actually cause a great deal amount of loss to your car and must be considered fit to be brought under insurance coverage.

Theft or loss of important parts of the car like rims, stereo systems, and the like have become common these days. You will be required to replace the stolen parts with new ones. This coverage compensates for the loss by paying the amount corresponding to the purchase of these stolen parts. Thus, it helps you face up any such unprecedented loss to your vehicle.

Thus, you will be able to obtain complete protection for your car through automobile insurance. Plymouth MI residents have to make sure that they meet the state requirements of the vehicle insurance they purchase and therefore, must go for services of companies that offer complete packages.

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