Has your Brietling watch suddenly stopped working, looks worn or simply needs to be maintained? If so, you will need to find an authorized Brietling retailer and contact them about watch repair. It doesn’t matter what type of Brietling watch repair you need, there is almost nothing that an authorized Brietling retailer couldn’t fix. You may be wondering what you can expect when you send your timepiece in for Brietling watch repair and though it may differ based on each company, in general, the steps below will be completed.

The First Steps of Watch Repair

The first thing you will have to do when getting your Brietling watch repaired is to fill out a form informing the authorized Brietling retailer what is wrong with the watch in question. Because you can often choose to ship your watch to the retailer of your choice, you should make sure that the form is as detailed as possible. When the watch is received by the company, they will typically store the watch and all of your customer information in a scratch-resistant bag and within a day or so, a master watchmaker will diagnose your timepiece. They will take the information you have given them as well as go through the watch thoroughly to ensure there are no other hidden problems. At that point, an estimate of service is calculated and you will be contacted to approve it. No service will be done until you approve the quote.

After the Estimate is Approved

Once you have approved the estimate, the repairs to your Brietling watch will begin. Depending on the severity of the needed repairs, the parts needed and the complexity of the repair, this could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Though master watch repair services often keep a huge range of parts specific to Brietling, if the needed part isn’t available, it will need to be ordered. Once all the parts are available, the repair can be completed.

Once the repair is made, the watch will then go through the quality control process to ensure that the watch works as good as new. The watch will be polished, cleaned and packaged, ready for you to pick it up or ready for shipment back to your home. You should note that most authorized watch retailers will offer a 1 year guarantee on all repairs and would all recommend regular maintenance to ensure the repairs last as long as possible.

By choosing to utilize the service of an authorized Brietling retailer for your watches repairs, you can be sure that the parts and tools that are used for each repair are genuine and of the finest quality. Don’t risk permanently damaging your Brietling watch. When you need a repair, only allow an authorized retailer to do it.

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