Most people don’t understand the difference between modern and contemporary, believing them both to be the same. While contemporary options can be found in modern homes and vice versa, there are some differences between the two types. Most people find they don’t really care what is what, but others truly want to have a modern or contemporary style and may want to ensure they continue through with their style choice.


Most homeowners don’t realize that modern design is actually a time period, namely the 1920s through the 1950s. This style will always remain the same and usually uses natural materials such as leather, teak, wood and linen. Plastics and plywood were also very popular in those years, along with polished metals.

Most living room furniture was raised to provide an airy feeling and the walls were white or cream also to promote the feeling of airiness.

Though modern options were usually neutral, there were pops of color here and there.


Contemporary is quite different than modern options. Contemporary usually refers to what is popular currently, which is why contemporary designs are usually eclectic. Though almost anything can be used in contemporary living room furniture, it stands to reason that if you choose bad options, the room will look bad. There is an art to contemporary and many times, it will mean borrowing styles from other periods.

This is why modern pieces often work and are used in contemporary designs and brilliant, traditional architecture is used.

Most people associate contemporary with comfort because most people want to feel comfortable and relaxed while at home.

Generally speaking, contemporary furniture can have color, touch the floor and have rounded edges and other options. Therefore, it is said to be a less strict design.

Good Contemporary

While anything goes, it is generally best to stick with two or three options and continuously work them into your living room décor. You would not want to have one rounded coffee-table, one angular chair, one off-the-floor sofa and one on-the-floor loveseat. This adds too much confusion to the décor and will make it look cluttered and haphazard.

Colors should also stay in one realm or another. It may seem interesting to include a bright red sofa and a lime green lounge chair, but they will likely clash and make you look like you aren’t put together and don’t know what you’re doing.

Contemporary living room furniture may be from the modern era, but it is completely up to you. Consider for all your furnishings. Read more about them at