The increase in style-conscious consumers willing to pay for the perfect office or home designs has resulted in a marked insurgence of successful interior design firms dedicated to meet the consumers decorating needs. However, as it is with any business, these firms also have several cases of complaints, scams and hoax. The American Society for Interior Decorators (ASID) cites 152 complaints till date out which only 66 professional companies were certified and the rest were frauds. Therefore, this article will offer some tips on which firms to avoid.

Tips on Which Interior Design Firms to Avoid

Going through the following simple guidelines will help you to avoid frauds and choose the interior design firm that offers you all that you require:

  1. Always opt for legitimate providers

Before spending those hard-earned bucks on a professional, make sure that they are 100% legit and certified. It’s not very difficult to procure a fake license. So conduct a thorough research before hiring. Check with the local licensing authorities and be absolutely sure that the firm has a valid certificate and also that they are insured, in case a mishap occurs.

  1. Consult other customers

All interior design firms will almost always blankly state a 100% customer satisfaction rate, but that is usually not true. Ask for references from other consumers to get more accurate result. Conduct a thorough background check and find out if there are any cases of complaints from discontented customers.

  1. Be wary of vague or ambiguous contracts

A lot of fraudulent firms will try to bind you by a vague contract, making you pay huge amounts for a lousy job. It is your right to know what you are paying for and whether the job is being offered to you in the right price. Make sure that the firm you hire provides you a clear transaction scheme for their expenses that completely suits your budget plan. Before signing any contract it is imperative to check it with an expert to avoid any hidden expenses that might be included in the package.

  1. Remember you’re the boss

It goes without saying that since you pay the firm and not the other way round, you are the top priority. The interior design firm should give utmost importance to your concerns and choices while doing their work. A lot of firms will try to make you believe that whatever they choose for you is perfect and will try to steer clear of your choices to make more profit than the previously stated budget plan. If the firm does not seem to care about your design needs, steer clear of the contract. Tell them to look for other clients and find yourself a firm that sets your satisfaction as their prime objective.

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