Hitting a tree with a car is a very scary experience. At least in a one-car crash the driver doesn’t have to worry about hurting anyone else. However, the driver can be seriously injured. They can be in the hospital for many days and even lose their job if they don’t have enough vacation or sick pay. If it turns out that their brakes failed after being fixed, they can sue the mechanic for negligence. The injured driver should contact one of the injury lawyers in Carmel Indiana to determine if they have a valid personal injury lawsuit.

A person who is in pain and still in the hospital often can’t think clearly enough to make wise decisions. When they hire an attorney, he will help them protect their rights. It’s not just the injury lawyers in Carmel, Indiana who will be working on the case. These types of lawyers know doctors and engineers who can understand the facts of the case. Engineers can examine the wreckage of the car and know if the brakes failed because they were improperly maintained. They might find that they were made improperly at the factory.

The first step in a personal injury case is to prove that an injury occurred. Then it has to be directly linked to a person’s negligent action. Personal injury lawyers in Carmel, Indiana have to look at the facts of the case and determine what failed and who is responsible for the failure. Once that is established they can file claim for damages on behalf of their client.

Normally a mechanic or brake manufacturer will have liability insurance. So the injured driver’s injury lawyers in Carmel, Indiana will be dealing with insurance company lawyers. Lawyers who work for the insurance companies will do everything to keep the claim as small as possible or not to pay it at all. They will even try and blame the driver for the accident. It’s possible they will say that he should have known not to drive the car, because it wasn’t responding properly. However his lawyers will know how to protect him from that kind of charge. They will work to get him the cash settlement that he deserves.

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