If you just think on the surface, unless you have a contract with your employer why would you ever need an employment attorney in Los Angeles. Without a contract logic says “how can you break what doesn’t exist?” Well, there are reasons to need an employment lawyer, contract or no contract. If you believe you are being harassed then you need an attorney. Harassment can take many forms, sexual, racial, age, religious, pregnancy, disability and a medical condition. Discrimination is another perfectly valid reason to question termination from your job. Racial discrimination, gender, disability, whistleblower are just a few of the reasons.

If you are serious about taking your employer to court then do not try to do it yourself, you will be eaten alive by the system. Employment law in particular has a tendency to change literally overnight and what you thought to be true turns out not to be. Most employers are oblivious to the bluster and threats of retaliation of employees that have been dismissed, in most cases it is only when you engage an employment attorney in Los Angeles will you be taken seriously. If you feel that you can negotiate a settlement without going to court this can be an uncomfortable situation for most people. Confrontation is something that many people try to avoid and they are uncomfortable in self advocating. Lawyers are accustomed to dealing on behalf of a client, they have no emotional bond to the employer or his representative and he will fight hard for every dime he feels his client is deserving of.

Legal representation often falls into the “must have”, “maybe should have” and the “don’t need” categories. The must have times are if your employer threatens to sue you or if you are being asked to sign an agreement that you don’t understand or are not comfortable with, this could be a non-compete clause, confidentiality agreement or employment agreement. If your employer accuses you of a crime, an employment attorney in Los Angeles will do you no good, in this instance you will need a criminal lawyer.

The “maybe should have” times could easily be when you think your employer has broken an employment law, if you have been retaliated against for lodging a complaint against discrimination or an illegality that you think the employer has done or if you think you have been erroneously classified and you are not getting full benefits, including overtime compensation.

You won’t need an employment attorney in Los Angeles when all you want to do is write the human resources department a letter complaining of discrimination, when you are called upon to attend a disciplinary meeting, to sign documents you completely understand or to file a grievance if you’re a union member.

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