Now that you have your new concrete driveway in Slough, you might think that you can move on and forget about it. While concrete is quite durable and driveways tend to require only minimal maintenance, it is still important to understand how to take care of it properly so that you can get the most out of it. Taking care of your driveway properly can also reduce the chances of you having to repave it later on. There are simple steps that you can take in order to make sure you get the longest life possible out of your driveway.

1. Clean and seal it. Keeping your concrete driveway clean is not overly difficult, but also depends on how much it is used. As a general rule, you can get your driveway sealed every two years to keep it looking nice. The sealer tends to start to wear off every couple of years, so getting it sealed every two years keeps you on top of it. This should keep your driveway looking pretty sleek and new for a while.

2. Watch out for stains and take care of them right away. Certain items can stain your driveway permanently if they are not taken care of right away. Grease, oil, and gas can eat away at your driveway. As such, if you notice spots on your driveway the sooner you take care of them, the better. Pressure washing your concrete driveway in Slough ought to take care of most of the stains you might face.

3. Be careful when using any deicers. Although it might be considered safe to use deicing chemicals, you should be especially careful of those containing ammonium sulphates or nitrates. These can damage your concrete. If you must use a deicer, you might consider rock salt, but keep in mind that these bring their own set of danger with damage to vegetation and metal. Be wise about your deicing choices.

4. Take care of it. For the most part, a concrete driveway can take care of itself. At the same time, you need to be careful about how you treat it. You shouldn’t park things that are too heavy on your driveway. Things that are too heavy might include items such as huge construction equipment or dumpsters or large trucks like moving vans. Also be aware of any sharp metal objects like lawn equipment that you use around your concrete as it can scratch it or worse.

Follow these tips and you should have few problems with your concrete driveway in Slough. Concrete Driveway Slough – If you are looking for a company for concrete driveway in Slough, Get in touch with Phoenix Concrete for all your concrete needs.