Lacrosse is not a game for the faint-hearted and it involves a lot of powerful contact, making it important to wear lacrosse helmets. Lacrosse helmets have advanced over the years and the materials now used to make these pieces of equipment are very durable and withstanding. When you combine a helmet with a chin strap and a face mask, you can rely on added protection at all times. Although a helmet will be a vital piece of equipment to wear during a game, it is a good idea to learn how to fit lacrosse helmets properly, to avoid any mishaps.

Lacrosse Helmets – Measure The Circumference Of Your Head

Every person’s head will be a different size, so it is not advisable to buy the same size lacrosse helmets for a big group of people. By using a measuring tape, you can buy your lacrosse helmets with confidence that they will fit and do the job they are required to do. Ask for some help when doing this, because if you are even slightly off on the measurements, you could be at risk of injury. Measure the helmet in centimeters and inches for an accurate result. With this information, you can go shopping for lacrosse helmets and find an item on the size chart that matches your head size.

Lacrosse Helmets – Find & Try Suitable Helmets

Once you know what the measurements of your head are, you can go shopping for lacrosse helmets. Many lacrosse helmets will be on offer, so make sure you find one that is very secure. When viewing a sizing chart, you can select a few products that fall within your size range. Put the helmet on your head and make sure it lies above the eyebrows with at least one inch of space. Protection should be provided for the forehead, so if your helmet does not shield this part of your head, choose another product. If the lacrosse helmets shift slightly to the right or the left, you have chosen the wrong size.

Lacrosse Helmets – Assess The Fit

If you have managed to seek out lacrosse helmets that do not shift when trying them on, you can now assess the overall fit. To do this, you must think about how it feels when you are wearing the lacrosse helmets. If it is too tight, too loose or just uncomfortable, it is unlikely you will be able to play the sport when wearing it. A snug fit indicates a good buy and while there should be a little bit of space for your head to breathe, you do not want it to fall off. With the chinstrap fastened on the lacrosse helmets, your mouth should be able to open and close with ease.

Once you have found the suitable lacrosse helmets, you must look for a face mask to increase the protection. Visit to view services for jerseys, shorts, lacrosse leagues and camps.