Everyday we are faced with challenges that tempt us to sin. It can be the smallest of sins or terrible sins from which it will be hard to recover. Master Prophet Bernard Jordan wants to help you avoid temptation to sin by providing you with a personal prophecy to bring you closer to God. This might seem like an odd thing to share. However, a personal prophecy gives you a clearer picture of how God wishes you to live as well as the strength to follow in Jesus’ foot steps instead of being lead into temptation.

Discover your Morals

Your morals are what allow you to make decisions for good or for bad. Knowing what your morals are can be difficult and can be made even more difficult if you live with more temptation in your life. Each day of your life provides an opportunity to do right or wrong, good or bad. Even as a child you are faced with challenges that test your resolve to deny temptation and sin. It is in your heart and exists before you even understand what it is. Your morals are tested more and more the older you become and the more you are exposed to sin and temptation. However everyday you are given the gift to strengthen your morals and your resolve to avoid temptation. This gift is God’s love.

Guiding Faith

Your faith can be made stronger with a personal prophecy from Master Prophet Bernard Jordan. He will use his gift from God to provide you with a guide to stay focused on living a life that is good, honest and full of faith. Whenever you feel your faith waiver you can read your personal prophecy and feel strength from God’s word. You can read the bible and be reminded of the importance of faith and its role in keeping you on the tried and true path.

Every day your faith is tested and temptation awaits you at every turn. Developing your morals and sticking to them throughout your life will make it easier and easier to say no to temptation and use your guiding faith to keep you on the path God wishes you to walk.

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