The roof is the largest part of your home, and in Littleton CO this means a lot of problems can occur with it. The weather in Littleton can be windy and rainy resulting in damage to your roof that you cannot see from ground level. The Federal Government strongly advises against homeowners going up on the roof because of the many injuries and deaths that occur every year.

The roof should be inspected every year to check for areas where water can enter the home through the attic and down into the living area. Very often, the homeowner does not know that they have a leak in the roof until the danage has run up a significant repair bill. There are roofing companies in Littleton CO that can perform the check and recommend repair if needed. The older roofs are very likely to be leaking water into the attic.

The roof inspection involves checking the shingles for lifted edges and shingles that are split or cracked and that have edges curled up. The flashing will be checked as well as the drip edges. Areas around openings for vents will be checked to make certain that the flashing is secured. Nails across the roof will be checked to make sure that they are not popping up. Perhaps most importantly, the decking or underlayment will be checked for boards that are rotten and that need to be replace.

The roof may need to be replaced because there are so many problems that cannot be fixed in a cost-efficient manner, or that cannot be fixed at all. The roofing companies can give the homeowner a complete estimate for replacing the roof after reviewing the areas that are bad and not repairable.
This estimate will include the latest materials technology such as the shingles that are made to hold-up under the hot sun and the cold weather.

Many new technology shingles have been developed for the home roof. These shingles have superior holding power and the nails have been developed to increase holding power. The moisture barriers are new to the market and they do a good job of sealing the decking from water penetration. New decking materials are available that will not rot.