If you have started working from home, it is likely that there are many benefits that you have received. You likely appreciate the fact that you don’t have to spend time commuting, which increases the amount of time you have with your family. However, there are likely some downsides to working at home. One of them may be that it is challenging to get enough exercise.

If you want to get more exercise but spend the majority of your day working on your computer, consider getting a walking treadmill standing desk. This will allow you to walk while taking care of important tasks. You may want to purchase some type of fitness monitor that you can wear on your wrist to get a good idea of how many steps you get each day. You will know where you are currently at and then have the opportunity to set new goals.

In addition to helping you get more exercise, a walking treadmill standing desk can provide other benefits. For example, it is difficult to maintain good posture when sitting at a desk. When you stand and walk, you naturally have better posture. This is likely to reduce back pain. You may even notice a reduction in tension and pain that you feel in your neck, shoulders, and arms. Some have found that when their walking desk and keyboard are properly situated, they are able to reduce pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. It may be beneficial to purchase a headset and use a voice dictation program as well.