The first thing a visitor lays his eyes upon before getting to the beautifully landscaped garden or the expensive wooden doors of the house is the driveway. Just like any other piece in home or garden, a driveway should be properly maintained. So, proper attention should be paid to select the type of the driveways. These need proper maintenance as well.

As driveways are not gardens, it is not proper for any green to flourish there. Ideal driveways on Avon remain free from any weed. However, it becomes difficult for the homeowner to get rid of the tougher weeds that grow between the bricks. Sometimes oil from cars leak onto the driveways and makes these look very unattractive. Before entering the home, the driveway set the mood for any visitor. So, choosing the right design and the correct material is very much essential. A functional and aesthetically sound driveway can determine the whole harmony of the house. Pavers for driveways come in brick and concrete forms. These are very durable, flexible and quake proof. One can use sand instead of cement to keep them together in a place. Concrete pavers require the least maintenance and are more generally found all across Avon. If a person wants to go for a more traditional look, he can opt for cobblestones. Though these are very expensive, but are very durable and last for a longer time. These don’t need any maintenance also. These are also easily repairable and have been tested for quality and durability all over the world.

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