There are many plumbing myths out there that people believe. Unfortunately, many of these myths simply cost people unnecessary money and they don’t provide any real benefit. Here are some common myths debunked by your local plumbers Southlake professional so you can stop throwing your money down the drain.

Lemons and Garbage Disposals

This myth makes a lot of sense. If you throw lemons – rind and all – down your garbage disposal, you can make it smell fresher instead of like rotten food. While chewed up citrus fruit does smell better than wet, soggy food, it can actually be detrimental to the parts in your disposal. The acid can cause corrosion over time which can reduce the life of your disposal significantly. Instead of throwing lemons down there, use boiling water or the sprayer in your sink to wash the food down the drain where you won’t be able to smell it anymore.

Using In-Tank Toilet Cleaners is Beneficial

Putting one of those blue tabs in your toilet tank to keep the water fresh and reduce buildup might seem plausible, but it’s actually not a good idea. These in-tank cleaners can be bad for your toilet if you aren’t combining it with scrubbing the buildup off your toilet. A better idea is to use vinegar and a traditional toilet brush to clean your toilet. These things work better and they are safer for your commode.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners is Okay

Chemical drain cleaners are some of the worst things you can do for your drain and your pipes. The substances used in these products are harmful to your pipes because that have acid in them which can slowly eat away at the inside of your pipe’s surfaces. If you use them regularly, your pipes might become so brittle that they break when you have a real problem and a plumbers Southlake professional comes out to try to snake your drain. Instead of using these, look for all-natural products to unclog your drain or call a professional at the first sign of trouble to unclog it.

Plungers aren’t Effective

While that plunger you purchased from the store where everything is a dollar may not be effective for unclogging drains, a high quality plunger will often do the job in many circumstances. The toilet tissues used today easily clog toilets so a good plunger is needed to make sure you can clean the clogs without needing to call a professional every time. If used properly, your plunger can fix most clogs.

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