If you have made a mistake and have been driving under the influence and you have been arrested for it you will be facing a DUI first offense in Las Vegas. Gone are the days when you got off lightly with a small fine. DUI is a serious charge and the courts in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada come down hard on DUI offenders, even if it is the first time in your life that you have been in trouble with the law.

Legal Help With A DUI First Offense In Las Vegas

The severity of the penalties for a DUI first offense in Las Vegas will have a lot to do with the facts in your case. The level of your blood alcohol at the time of arrest is one of the biggest factors that judges look at when imposing first time DUI penalties. Your sentencing judge will also look at the mitigating factors surrounding the arrest. If you caused an accident then you are looking at severe penalties and maybe even a prison term. It is these surrounding factors though that can help you during your defense and you need to hire a lawyer who specializes in defending a DUI first offense in Las Vegas and can help reduce the penalties imposed against you.

Ramifications of a DUI First Offense in Las Vegas

First time DUI offenders face the suspension of the drivers license as well as a hefty fine and other penalties, and it is unwise to think that you’ll ‘just get off’ because it’s your first time. DUI charges are criminal charges and the state of Nevada takes this offense seriously. You need to take it seriously by calling an attorney who is experienced in the defense of first time DUI offenders. The laws surrounding DUI are complex and need more than a layman understands to be able to make them work in your favor. Calling in a lawyer is not an admission of guilt; it is a savvy way of saving yourself time, money and a whole lot of anguish when facing a first time DUI charge.

Choose Your Lawyer For DUI First Offense in Las Vegas

It is vital that you have a lawyer by your side, no matter how minor the charge is. Remember that any DUI is a criminal offense and if you are found guilty it will be noted on your permanent record. This can affect many aspects of your life in the future including applying for certain jobs in Nevada. There are companies who will not employ anyone with a criminal record, no matter what it is for. Pleading guilty is not always the fastest way to make a DUI first offence disappear.

DUI first offense in Las Vegas brings in a lot of difficult penalties, so defend your rights & interest by hiring a qualified lawyer. To discuss your case visit lawyerx.net.