Some marijuana cases are open and shut cases in Las Vegas. You get busted and you pay the price. But sometimes there’s a hitch, either in the way that you were arrested or charged, or the way that you came about the marijuana in the first place. Or perhaps you are innocent and found yourself in trouble with the law before you realized what was happening. Do you know about the Nevada laws regarding marijuana? Do you know what a case will be like with you as the defendant?

Most likely, you have no idea what to expect. And what you need is a defense attorney who does know what to expect and can guide you through the process. Don’t assume you can rely on your friends, family, or whoever it was you traveled to Las Vegas with. And if you’re a local, don’t expect the judge to take it easy on you just because you’re actually a local. There are many things that you probably don’t know about regarding the way a marijuana charge will go, and rather than risk making a mistake, hire someone who knows how to avoid them.

Possession, Buying, Selling

The case that you face could be very different depending on what you are accused of. If you’re being accused of possession, it’s likely that you’ll face very different potential punishment than if you are being accused of dealing. With the right lawyer, you may be able to lower the severity of your sentence or make the charges go away altogether if you were accused of dealing but you were actually just in possession of a small amount of marijuana. You need to know what constitutes possession and dealing in the eyes of the law so you can figure out whether or not you are truly guilty of one or the other.

Keeping Calm and Respectful

Most people don’t realize that the way that they approach a criminal case can change the way the judge feels about your guilt. If you are calm, respectful, remorseful, and even a little naive, you may be better off than if you’re angry or act guilty. One way that a skilled lawyer can help you with a marijuana case is that they can prep you so you’re really ready when it comes to presenting yourself in the best light possible.

Marijuana is being considered more and more of a mild crime, depending on where you live. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get into trouble in Las Vegas for possession of marijuana. Know your rights and make sure you’re protected by a very good criminal defense lawyer.

Specializing in criminal defense law for the last 14 years, Gregory Knapp Attorney at Law has seen many cases involving Marijuana in Las Vegas, both legitimate and unfounded.