The Shasta Lake was created as a reservoir through the construction of the Shasta Dam. This lake is the third largest in the state of California and one of the leading tourist attraction spots in the CA state. With over 500 feet in its depth, this lake is ideal for boating activities, fishing, house boating and water skiing. One of the leading ways that you can enjoy all this enormous lake has to offer is by looking for affordable houseboat vacations options in Lake Shasta CA.

From the comfort of your houseboat, you will definitely be able to see all the natural beauty of Lake Shasta and it surroundings. Lake Shasta gives you a perfect chance to enjoy a fun vacation. With an affordable houseboat vacation, you will also be able to get the most from your vacation while still being able to stay on budget. Right from the comfort of your houseboat, you can enjoy your favorite book as you take in the beautiful sun and scenic views, play games, fish, swim or do whatever you want. When on the houseboat, you can also treat yourself to sightseeing in the four major arms of the lake namely:

  • The Squam Creek Arm
  • The Pit River Arm
  • The Sacramento Arm
  • The McCloud Arm

Aside from sightseeing at these arms, you will also be able to enjoy other activities like tubing, skiing, wakeboarding and other nautical activities. Remember, to fully explore Lake Shasta, you will need to move around in various water toys that includes a houseboat. Fortunately, you can easily find a luxurious houseboat which will make your affordable houseboat vacation a success.

If you are into fishing, you can enjoy a catch on this lake; even a record setting size. Every year, the Department of Fish and Game plant thousands of fish in the lake. So, you can expect to catch white sturgeon, small mouth bass, Chinook salmon black crappie, hardhead minnow, riffle sculpin, black fish, channel squawfish, brown trout, blue gill, golden shiner, threadfin shad and many more. Your catch can depend on the time of the year. For instance, you can catch salmon fish between the months of March and September. The Brown Trout is easy to catch between May and August.

With affordable houseboat vacations in Lake Shasta CA, you can enjoy swimming in different parts of the lake as the lake has no designated swimming areas. In fact, the clear water makes it perfect to swim off the back of your houseboat. Alternatively, you can also swim anywhere near the shorelines. The water is also perfect for wakeboarding and skiing. With a wide variety of houseboats to rent, finding the most affordable yet luxurious boats will be very easy. Choose a house boat that meets all your activity and accommodation needs.

affordable houseboat vacations Lake Shasta CA – To enjoy all Lake Shasta. you need to choose an accommodation option that will offer you VIP treatment while still giving you easy access to the lake.