Cleaning a chimney is an uphill task as the structure of a chimney is constantly exposed to heat and related wear and tear. Chimney cleaning at Worthington, OH, which was earlier done mostly by chimney sweeps is now handled by professionals who have the necessary training and certification to do the cleaning and repair works.

Periodic cleaning of the chimney is recommended to avoid deposit of creosote, to remove birds’ nests and other materials nestled in the chimney and also to detect damage of liners and voids in the mortar joints. Chimneys with flues that are more than 8 ft. in length and that have offsets need to be cleaned with added care. Chimney cleaning at Worthington , OH, is done by professional chimney sweepers who, along with the routine cleaning operation, do the inspection works also.

Cleaning works comprise brushing off the soot and creosote without disturbing or damaging the fire place or the chimney. Brushing should be done with appropriate sized brushes lest may cause damage to the connector pipes. Rug runners, cloths or high speed vacuum cleaning is employed. To avoid the soot and creosote from spoiling the fire place tarps and shoe covers are laid over it. After the cleaning works, fire box and chimney flue are made dirt free.

Blockage of chimneys should be taken care of during cleaning. Blockage is caused by birds’ nests, broken and fallen pieces of brick and mortar apart from the deposit of creosote and soot. These obstructions should not be overlooked and should be reported to the chimney cleaning professionals at Worthington, OH. In case of a chimney fire, do not try to operate the chimney before a thorough inspection by a professional chimney cleaner.

The professionals doing chimney repair at Worthington, OH, are equipped with necessary tools and equipments. This include chimney brushes and brush rods of varying sizes, safety wear for the personnel like gloves and dust mask, ladders to climb up the roofs and rugs to cover the fire place and furniture during the cleaning works. It is mandatory to use brushes of appropriate size as an over-sized brush may tend to get lodged inside the chimney, whereas an under-size brush will not exert the necessary pressure for proper cleaning.

Chimney repair at Worthington, OH – If you have flue that is more than 8 feet in length, a visual inspection will NOT reveal any hidden damages. Whempys can repair it very soon.