As the homeowner, sometimes the very last place you think of for maintenance, cleaning or repair is your chimney and fireplace. Many families across the country enjoy utilizing their wood burning fireplace as a source of heat that can supplement the increasing energy costs, as well as providing a wonderful environment. Regular use of a wood burning fireplace, however, requires maintenance and repair, just like any other part of your home.

Chimney maintenance is especially important if you use your fireplace. Debris and creosote buildup can cause potential harm if left to its own devices. Creosote will accumulate on the walls of the chimney, creating an environment fraught with potential danger if left untreated. It is extremely flammable, and if a stray spark or lit newspaper ignites it, it can cause a chimney fire which can ultimately lead to a house fire. This makes chimney repair in Columbus OH an important part of owning a fireplace.

If the chimney is damaged, it can lead to more problems. Chimney sweeps are trained to look for cracks in tile liners, voids in masonry joints, and deteriorating smoke chambers that may require chimney repair in Columbus OH. These damages need to be addressed immediately to ensure the proper function of the fireplace to maintain the safety of the home and its residents.

Chimney sweeps also have the proper equipment necessary to perform a thorough investigation of your flue. Some flues have turns or are especially long, which makes a standard visual inspection difficult to perform. For an accurate assessment of chimney repair in Columbus OH, professional chimney sweeps often use cameras to reach hard to see areas or places they just can’t get into.

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the difference between a home inspector and a chimney sweep. Many do not know that other professionals, while they may be qualified to perform simple inspections of your home, are simply unqualified to assess the wellbeing and safety of your fireplace and chimney. In this respect, a professional chimney sweep stands apart. Only professionally qualified chimney sweeps have undergone rigorous training to monitor and assess fireplaces and chimneys for potential damage.

Proper chimney repair will help maintain the safety of not only your home and fireplace, but your family, as well. Whempy’s Corp provides chimney repair services to help prevent potential damage to your fireplace in Columbus OH.